Who the f*&% is Zillistic?

My name is Sara Skettini and I am the creator of Zillistic.

Here at Zillistic, we are inspired by the depths of our minds and by everyday life. We harness the beautiful moments that happen right in front of us or inside of us that often go unnoticed. My personal mission as a designer is to take these wonderful moments and turn them into something that is wearable. A piece of clothing that reminds you of the pure beauty of life and how unperfectly perfect we really are. We are special because we are different. We all have a voice that deserves to be heard. This is a bit personal for me, but it explains why I started this business. Throughout my life, I have struggled with my own inner demons of my anxiety and depression. I used to think I was alone and could not find the beauty in life no matter how hard I tried. I always thought I was weird because I would say things others were only thinking. It wasn’t until I took a long hard look around me and realized that while I was being sad, the world around me was still flawless. The world was just as weird as me. How could everything around me look so beautiful when I felt so ugly? The answer I later came to was that I was just as alluring as everything around me. I was a part of this earth, as well as this earth was a part of me. We are two halves of a whole. It was then when I started to finally feel grateful for the world around me and grateful for myself. I started to notice every single thing for what I wanted to perceive it as; beauty, love, and normal inner darkness. My vision of the world shifted from grey to full color. I want that for everyone. There's nothing better than being able to express yourself and to be unapologetic about it. That's why I created Zillistic. This is for you. To the person who feels like they aren't good enough. To the person who thinks they are a weirdo. I would like others to know that you’re not alone and we all go through struggles. You are beautiful and you are loved. We are all weird and that's what makes every single person special. Life is so important. We are important. We often forget to be grateful for every day experiences and who we are, but my job is to remind you of the special and importance of every aspect of life. We are a tiny piece in this fascinating and wild place that we get to call home. Through out this journey that is Zillistic, we will be a voice of our lives and this earth. Not only is it about loving the earth it's also a journey of finding yourself, loving yourself, and being proud of that person. This brand builds an army of like-minded individuals who want to show off love, beauty, and our traits that make us "weird". We will speak out about self love, as well as, love for everything around us and together we will learn and practice. Life can be hard but we are in this together. We become a family. Everyone is different and nothing is the same and to me that is true beauty all in it’s own.

Zillistic is love. Zillistic is beauty. Zillistic is me. Zillistic is you.